Sedation, Immobilization, Handling and 
Anesthesia of Non-Human Primates


14 hours of multi-media, lecture presentations and a two hour "hands on" workshop!

       Lecture Topics will include:

  • Humane Handling/Humane Capture: How to minimize stress in handling and Anesthesia of Non-Human Primates.

  • Training and Conditioning: Handling, Examination, Sample Collection and Manipulation of Animals Without the Use of Drugs.

  • Oral Medication Regimens for Anesthesia and Sedation of Primates

  • Remote Drug Delivery Methods: How to Safely Use Pole Syringes, Darts, and Dart Projectors/Tranquilizer Guns for Anesthesia of Primates under Captive, Laboratory, and Free-Ranging Conditions.

  • Pharmacology for Non-human Primate Immobilization Species Specific Drug Combinations and Dosages for safe anesthesia under Free Ranging, Captive and Laboratory Conditions.

  • The use of Analgesics in Non-Human Primates.

  • Anesthetic Monitoring for Captive, Field, and Laboratory Procedures.

  • Anesthetic Related Medical Emergencies: Recognizing, Treating, and Preventing Problems!!

  • Developing Standard Operating Procedures: For Accidental Human Exposure to Anesthetic Agents.

  • The Effects of Anesthetic Agents on Hematology, Blood Chemistry, and Hormonal Studies.

  • Zoonotic Disease Implications with Anesthesia of Non-Human Primates.

  • Developing Ethical Institutional Animal Care and Use Committee (IACUC) Protocols

  • Protocols for Handling Escaped Animals.

"Hands-on" Workshop Topics include:

  • Developing Proficiency with Blowguns, short, and long range dart projectors/tranquilizer guns

  • Comparative use of commercial dart systems

  • Use of safety equipment for the prevention of accidental human exposure to Anesthetic drugs

  • Practice with Radio-Tracking Darts

All attendees receive a detailed training manual
including anesthetic protocols for over
50 species of Non-human Primates.
Certificates are awarded.

Approved for
Veterinary Continuing
Education Credit

Our Audience
is mixed: Researchers, Veterinarians, Veterinary Technicians, Laboratory Animal Technicians, Technologists, and those caring for Non-human Primates. The Program is taught on a broad base, providing a good overview of the technique suitable for all experience levels--whether performing or assisting in the procedure. 

Our Instructors: (Click on name for Instructor Bio)

Dr. Keith Amass
, Wildlife Veterinarian, Capture Specialist: Safe-Capture International, Inc.
Dr. Carol Emerson, Diplomate American College of Laboratory Animal Medicine: University of Wisconsin Medical School, Department of Animal Resources
Dr. Jan Ramer
, Associate Veterinarian, Indianapolis Zoo
Dr. Mark Drew, Diplomate American College of Zoological Medicine, Idaho Department of Fish and Game

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